Sitting Room, Bedroom, & Bathroom at Windhall -Stratton Mountain

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Windhall Stratton bedroomWe started this project by meeting with the homeowners of a recently purchased home near Stratton Mountain to find out about their sitting room, bedroom, & bathroom projects.  To visit this next painting job site, w took a five-vehicle caravan drive up Route 30.

First Impressions

Upon arrival we saw a beautiful blue & white home with an incredible view of the mountain. We could clearly see every trail and, let me not fail to mention, the cute nature lines pond in the backyard. Eddie mentioned that one of the guys from the our other crew had recently painted their newly purchased shed. It looked incredible!

We went inside and did our introductions. We toured the home to discuss the goals for each of the parts of the house we were to paint.

As we walked up the stairs to the sitting room & bedroom, the homeowner expressed concerns for some stains on the walls which appeared to be some sort of beverage spill, their dislike of how “open and big” the rooms appeared, and some obviously cracked seams.

A Basement Challenge

Windhall Stratton showerOn our way to the basement we were warned to “brace ourselves” for the bathroom. Oh boy, was it a fair warning.

The bathroom had a beautiful half tile wall, an oversized standup shower with an impressive shower head, and some beautiful ceramic tile in perfect condition. All of those beautiful things were overshadowed by a swimming-pool-blue ceiling combined with turquoise and off-white cheetah print wallpaper. She warned us, right?

Her goal for the bathroom was to just make it all go away.

Repairs and Painting

We started our work in the sitting & bed rooms. We oil primed the stains with cover stain and prepared all of the cracks and imperfections in the wall for some pretty heavy duty mud work. Once we finished the mud work and sanded all of the patches we spot primed the repairs. We were ready to paint with Revere Pewter.

Windhall Stratton sitting room

One way we decided to make the rooms a little “warmer” and less “open/huge” was to paint the slants the wall color inside of the ceiling color. After our first coat we knew we had met our goal and knew the homeowner would love it!

While we were finishing up the work upstairs a pair of the the crew started the hard work of removing the wallpaper. We use a product called DIF which we dilute in water and mix in a pump sprayer. It loosens the paper as well as the glue. Its a tough job but so satisfying!

With the turquoise cheetah print removed, the bathroom dried completely overnight. Extensive mud work and wall repair was completed and sanded the next day.

The Result

Windhall Stratton bathroomEven prior to adding the color the bathroom already looked incredible. The tiles, both floor and half wall, became the highlight in the room as they should have been all along. The crisp white ceiling and the Nelson Blue walls really seemed to highlight the beauty of the room even more.

The homeowners were happy with the new look and how clean the crew left their home.

And just like that, we were off to the next project!