Stratton Mountain Home Interior Painting – Room Refresh

We love the beauty of Stratton Mountain in Vermont, and love spending time there to do more house painting. This painting job was in a large interior space that featured exposed beams plus stonework for a gorgeous, two-story fireplace. It was both modern and rustic. It was a great room, and the owners wanted a new look. We were asked to paint the trim, walls, and windows to give everything a fresh appearance. After some careful consideration, we chose Benjamin Moore Paints for the project, and selected paint colors to compliment the natural materials of the home while also reducing some of the bare wood visible in the room. Two colors were required. “Swiss Coffee” was the color we chose […]

Weston VT Farmhouse – The Exterior

We are heading off to our first big exterior house painting job for the 2023 season. We completed the interior paint and trim late in the winter and now it’s time to freshen up the outside. We started this job by scraping up some old trim boards and caulking the gaps with some Alex Flex. The colors aren’t a huge change with the exception of the accent doors but the fresh California Velet Flat really cleaned up the look of the house. The homeowner decided to bring one of the interior colors, “Sayward Pine”, to the exterior and we loved her idea on the accent doors. The project was big but with a stretch of good weather took no time at […]

Weston VT Farmhouse – The Paint Phase

We headed off to Weston, VT to do repairs and interior house painting at a farm house recently purchased by our wonderful repeat customers, the Katz. The ride up to Exit 6 is all highway and kind of boring.  Shortly after exiting the highway, though, we venture through the beautiful and quaint town of Chester, VT. After a few more winding roads with some up and over mountains, we arrive in the center of Weston near our new house painting site. We pull up to the older farm house and notice how beautiful the land and home are. We walk through a soon-to-be breezeway and see a recently remodeled area. It used to be a barn, and the craftsmanship of the […]

Stratton View Ceilings, Trim, and Door Painting

The house painting crew took off to our new job in Stratton View to paint ceilings, walls, doors, and trim. As we pull up to this Vermont house, we see the wonderful view of Stratton mountain and it becomes obvious where the name of their development came from. We were greeted at the door by the homeowners and their pups: Herman, Nathan, and Charlie. They tell us Nathan and Charlie are seniors and Herman is their newest addition. Boy are they the cutest! Herman is included in the photos. He wanted to help us paint the house so badly! The homeowners wanted a fresh paint job with white ceilings, fresh trim & doors and some bathroom formulated paint. We got right to […]

Ski Home Interior Painting in South Londonderry, VT

This southern Vermont house painting call took us to a second home/ski home in South Londonderry, VT. When we arrived at the ski home, Eddie walked through with us and discussed what needed to be done. It’s a cute ski home with lots of Eddie Charbonneau history. Our crew recalled bringing some paint out to one of the other crews as we were doing the exterior two years ago. In the basement we noticed some items have fallen off a windowsill. Then we see glass. Some ice had fallen off the roof and had shattered the basement window. We immediately shift from house painters to window repair people. Eddie climbed through the snow bank outside to secure some heavy plastic […]

A Freshly-Painted Look For A Home in Guilford, VT

This house painting job took us to Guilford, VT to help new Vermonters give their home a freshly-painted look. This couple had moved to Vermont six months ago from NYC and had done a commendable job with some work they did themselves on their new home. After chatting for a while, we learned they were also expecting their first child. We were pretty thrilled to be a part of making this house a home for them. The Project Upon arriving we walked into a beautiful open kitchen and dining room. Our first observations were the number of knots and water damage on their floor-to-ceiling rough-cut walls. From the moment we entered we knew we had our work cut out for us. We were […]

Sitting Room, Bedroom, & Bathroom at Windhall -Stratton Mountain

We started this project by meeting with the homeowners of a recently purchased home near Stratton Mountain to find out about their sitting room, bedroom, & bathroom projects.  To visit this next painting job site, w took a five-vehicle caravan drive up Route 30. First Impressions Upon arrival we saw a beautiful blue & white home with an incredible view of the mountain. We could clearly see every trail and, let me not fail to mention, the cute nature lines pond in the backyard. Eddie mentioned that one of the guys from the our other crew had recently painted their newly purchased shed. It looked incredible! We went inside and did our introductions. We toured the home to discuss the goals […]